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See The Full Picture

Profitable betting is as much about mindset and psychology as the actual bets themselves. If you are to be successful, at various stages your discipline, mental strength and durability will be tested to the limit. This is where switching from short-term to long-term thinking can change your results drastically.

The graph shows a short-term series of results. The statistics read:

143 bets

25 winners


-20.2% bank reduction

Thinking short-term you would quit. You would probably give up less than halfway through the sequence.

These are in fact real results from my own selections, dating 31st October 2019 to 30th January 2020. A three month period which many members also experienced. Over the years I have endured multiple similar patches, but the key is to always remain level headed and stick to the principles outlined in “Turning The Tide”.

If we zoom out to see the full picture, the rewards of taking a long-term approach are clear. Sticking to a well researched plan and being consistent on a daily basis bears fruit. The Long-term graph shows the overall results, and the Short-term graph is a minor portion of it (highlighted by the red box).

Change the way you think and consequently change your results for the better. See the full picture.


Paceform Figures


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