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Our Results

Using our compounding 1% staking method, we have turned a £1000 bank into £106,838.74 since June 2019. Yes you read that correctly, an increase of over 106 times in 28 months by the end of October 2021. All of the principles/methods used to achieve these profits are explained clearly on this website. They are the result of consistent practices repeated daily over a long term period.


We have also recorded results using a £10 flat stake per bet with no compounding. These reports are produced monthly here. They show two things; the high profitability of our selections to a small consistent stake, but how much bank growth is accelerated when combined with our staking method.

In reality we do not use a flat stake, opting instead to utilise 1% of the total pot per bet. As the bank increases so does the stake, but it is still never more than 1% of the total. This is a very conservative and safe methodology, but the benefits of compounding accelerate the process leading to excellent growth, way ahead of what is achievable using a conventional staking method.


Profitable betting is a long term investment strategy rather than taking a race by race approach. The prices we select mean there will be losing patches, hence the safe staking method. Our strike rate is around 23%, so while 77% of our bets lose, we are highly profitable due to the value prices we back at.


The day you can adjust your view to a long term approach is the moment you can start profiting as Paceform members have. If you focus on a day by day basis, you will always be in the 99% of punters who are long term losers.


We look forward to continuing to add profit for members, as well as teaching new people the methods that have been applied for over a decade to consistently profit from horse racing. See more on our methodology here: Turning The Tide.

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Selections : 1355     Wins: 305      SR: 23.00%

Bank: £1000 to £106,838.74

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