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Where it all began

I never grew up around horses, or with a family background in racing. My interest stems from a combination of my passion for sport and numbers. My approach has always been to solve the puzzle and locate value.  


This view remains unmoved.


My education in racing was a long and well researched one; gathering knowledge on statistics, horses, trainers, jockeys, courses and many other factors. 


The more I understood the elements involved, the greater my determination to become the best at my craft. This culminated in a two year study of all UK & Irish Flat racecourses, and produced the Paceform Speed Figures I and others use on a daily basis. They have become a unique tool helping Trainers, Jockeys, Owners and Racegoers alike.

I’m proud of what’s been produced, and since released for public use our results speak for themselves.

Paceform Speed Figures are used by:

  • Racing fans to put the odds in their favour

  • Owners and trainers to help with race planning and placing horses

  • Buying/selling horses at the sales ​

  • Jockeys to judge the best position for their mount and pace maps to assist



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